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Taken From: BBC News

Ford to invest $1.2bn in Michigan plants
The US car giant says the investment in three plants is part of a planned upgrade.

US bank Wells Fargo agrees $110m lawsuit settlement
America's biggest bank agrees settlement in case of customers who had accounts opened without their consent.

Tesco fined £129m for overstating profits
Tesco will also compensate investors but avoids prosecution for overstating profits in 2014.

Amazon to buy Middle East online retailer Souq
The retailer makes its first move into the region after completing a deal for an undisclosed amount.

China's Tencent buys 5% stake in Tesla
The Chinese tech giant is spending $1.8bn on its stake in the electric carmaker.

Redrow withdraws Bovis takeover offer
The housebuilder says it is not in its shareholders' interests to increase its bid.

BT fined record £42m for late installations
BT apologises and agrees to repay telecoms firms for delays in installing high-speed lines.

American Airlines ties up partnership with China Southern
The deal will allow the US carrier to tap into China's growing aviation market.

Flawed nuclear tender sees £100m payout to firms
Two firms which lost out on decommissioning 12 nuclear sites will get £97.5m compensation.

Tesco warned over cost of £3.7bn Booker takeover
One of Tesco's biggest investors says the supermarket has no guarantee of future profits from the deal.

Samsung plans to relaunch refurbished Note 7 devices
The technology giant says it may be able to offer the recalled devices as refurbished phones.

'Bond King' Bill Gross settles Pimco feud for $81m
Star bond trader ends "family disagreement" with his former firm in $81m (£65m) settlement.

South West Trains: Hong Kong firm MTR to help run rail franchise
MTR will run one of the UK's biggest franchises, along with majority stakeholder First Group.

UK banks given new stress test scenarios
The Bank of England tells the UK's biggest banks to prepare for a range of challenges.

Brexit: Food chiefs warn on EU tariffs
Farmers, supermarkets and suppliers call on Theresa May to secure a free trade deal with the EU.

Dow and Dupont merger gets EU go-ahead
The European Commission makes approval of chemical industry merger conditional on sale of assets.

A brief history of decimal coins
As the new £1 coin rolls out, BBC Rewind takes a look back at the history of decimal coins in the UK.

60 Seconds of Business Sense: How to buy a business
Touker Suleyman, chairman of the fashion company Low Profile Holdings, gives advice on how to buy a business.

Ceramics boss: 'We are looking at the US'
Paul Farmer, boss of Wade Ceramics, says he is increasingly looking to export to the US as a result of Brexit.

Royal Mint ready to launch new £1 coins
The UK's new 12-sided £1 coins will be rolled out on Tuesday - but are we ready?

Survey reveals pothole problem
A survey is warning that roads in in England and Wales need billions of pounds spending on them.

'Steady as she goes - Brexit leaves our strategy unchanged'
The boss of floor tiles firm Amtico in Coventry says Brexit is not affecting his company's strategy.

EU negotiations
With the prime minister set to trigger Article 50, businesses give their priorities for the Brexit talks.

Just Google it
Is Google's position as the world's leading search engine now unassailable?

Cheaper flights
A new budget airline from the owner of British Airways may not make reaching distant destinations cheaper.

What Next for shops?
Next - like its rivals - is battling many problems - unlike them it has spelt them out in full.

How many countries?
We track a single item of clothing to see just where it goes before it ends up in the shop.

Advertising control
The technology behemoth Google may be in the spotlight with concerns over adverts ending up on extremist websites, but the wider UK advertising industry itself is facing numerous other challenges.

The feuding family members who built up South Korea's Lotte Group empire are reunited in court.

Any old Joe
Joe Gordon, boss of telephone and online bank First Direct has just two years' experience in banking.

Vote of confidence
Toyota's decision to invest £240m in its UK operations will be welcome news for the UK car industry.

'I was stuck'
Lisa Skeete Tatum wants her website to offer women the same networking opportunities available to men.

Exercise 'anywhere, anytime'
The drive to exercise "anywhere and anytime" is driving growth, with women the main sales target.

Red hot
How a small Canadian firm used social media to help drive sales of its Instant Pot multi-function cooker.

Car deal
Why is General Motors selling its Vauxhall and Opel businesses to the owner of Peugeot?

The smaller the better?
The bigger the better is the saying, but some firms are now challenging this accepted wisdom.

'Don't change!'
As Snapchat's owner targets a stock market valuation, fans tell the BBC their hopes for the app's future.

Dear Travis...
The BBC offers its best advice for Silicon Valley's beleaguered bad boy.

Innovation, Ikea style
Ikea's humble bookcase epitomises a relentless pursuit of lower costs and acceptable functionality.

Supermarket sourcing
Importing food is getting more expensive so why don't UK supermarkets get more of their supplies from home?

Do firms really need one person in charge? Staff at Swedish firm Crisp explain why they decided to bin the boss.

Cool, Iceland?!
Iceland is the UK's favourite online supermarket, says consumer group Which? so is it now "cool"?

In focus
Will a merger of Essilor and Luxottica be too big for the public good?

Not stale
How tapping into a growing middle class in emerging markets saw Tupperware Brands go from failing to a global phenomenon.

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